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Cinq Mondes spa


Fitness: a gym fully equipped with the latest “Technogym” technology, including cardio-vascular and slimming machines.

To increase your performance and maintain your fitness levels for the long term, we offer sports coaching sessions. The spa Cinq Mondes collaborates with Jeremy Peltier, an ex-professional sportsman.

1 hour personal training: CHF 170.-

Nutrition and well-being

To understand well-being for the long term and beyond the confines of the spa Cinq Mondes, we offer the services of Olivier Bourquin, nutritionist and ex-coach in high performance sport.

He creates a personal profile based on an extensive questionnaire, dialogue and a blood analysis in partnership with the EPFL.

The first meeting focuses on the weakness of the client, lifestyle and eating habits that need to be modified in order to rebalance both mind and body.