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Cinq Mondes spa

Coaching and well-being

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To enhance physical performance and to maintain a fit body in the long-term, you can book sessions with our personal trainers. To provide this service, Cinq Mondes spa is collaborating with Jérémy Peltier and his team, a former professional sportsman. The gym at Beau-Rivage Palace is fully equipped with state-of-the-art “Technogym” gear as well as with cardiovascular training systems and body slimming gadgets.

Sports coaching:
Our trainer Jérémy Peltier and his team help you draw on your mental and physical strength to regain control of your body. 

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Reservations: +41 21 613 33 67 or cinqmondes(at)


As an introduction to the Beau-Rivage Palace’s “Wellness Experience” philosophy, the Cinq Mondes Spa offers consultations focusing on Naturopathy, a natural health practice designed to optimize an individual’s vital energy. The naturopath seeks the root of im-balances and offers a reborn lifestyle that reharmonizes the body. Irrespective of the person’s health status, Naturopathy is used to promote balance in all aspects of daily life.

Dimitra Kontoyannatos is the Beau-Rivage Palace’s experienced naturopath who offers an introduction to Naturopathy by stressing three key areas: diet, physical activity and mental and emotional management.

Vitality assessment: 1h30

Group courses


  • Bodyshape - 10:00
  • Body & Mind - 15:00
  • Yoga Yin - 18:30

Tuesday :

  • Body & Mind - 10:00
  • Yoga Hatha - 11:00
  • Bodyshape - 15h00

Wednesday :

  • Yoga Vinyasa - 9:00
  • Bodyshape - 10:00

Thursday :

  • Fitness Aquaphysical sur l'eau - 10:00
  • Bodyshape - 15:00


  • Bodyshape - 10h00
  • Body & Mind - 15:00

Saturday : 

  • Yoga Vinyasa Ashtanga - 09:00
  • Body & Mind - 10:00

Yin Yoga: Waken up your body or relax after a stressful day by flowing between postures in a slow and meditative way, giving you space to turn inwards and connect with both your mind and body.
Hatha Yoga: Ha (sun) + Tha (moon) yoga, helps to purify our solar and lunar channels. It is a practice that is both gentle and invigorating, as relaxing as it is strengthening, respectful of each person's body and level.
Vinyasa Yoga: Find yourself flowing between postures synchronised with your breath, while building up heat within your body will awaken all its areas. It is a great cardiovascular workout, helping to build strength and body awareness.
Vinyasa-ashtanga Yoga: Is a vigorous, sweat producing style of yoga that purifies your body from the inside out. It helps you experience deeper levels of peace, increased energy, better health, and greater happiness.

Bodyboost: complete training circuit for the whole body workout
Bodyshape: training circuit targeted on the abdominal, lumbar and gluteal areas
Core Training: training circuit targeted at the deep muscles of the body
Body & Mind: postural classes and relaxation based on the breath

All group lessons last 1 hour 
Free for resident clients
CHF 40.-  for non-resident customers
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Group lessons will be provided by the JP360°Transformation team of coaches and Yoga classes with Inga who look forward to welcoming you.