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Swiss Med Office, our medical concierge

A quality and safety guarantee , Swiss Med Office assists you in the choice of your health care providers.

World renowned for its mountains, lakes and terraced vineyards, Switzerland is also a major health destination. There are indeed many prominent surgeons, doctors and clinics, not to mention its pioneering role in basic research, medical imaging and ambulatory surgery, among others. 

Whether it is for a second opinion, a pre-marriage check-up or simply maintaining your daily performance, we offer you the services of a trusted expert who will meet your specific needs, according to your personal goals. 

Our medical concierge, Ilham Bernichi Claudet, collaborates with the best clinics in Switzerland and is continuously in the field in contact with practitioners and specialists.





Matignon Clinics

Founded in 2007, the Matignon ClinicsSwiss leaders in aesthetic medicine have confirmed their success with a distinctive strategy based on a combination of quality, security and ease of access to care.
The clinic offers a unique medical environment dedicated to non-invasive aesthetic medicine. The doctors and technicians from different backgrounds and with complimentary areas of expertise (dermatology, aesthetic medicine, and plastic surgery) can treat their patients with the most appropriate scientifically proven techniques.

The Matignon Clinic and each of their participants bring their knowledge and passion in order to offer the ideal and efficient medical solutions for men and women of all age seeking perfection, rejuvenation and harmony.

Offers: Clinique Matignon offers 4 beauty programs that adapt to your desires and needs. With one goal, reveal your beauty.
Discover the offers here

Centre médical - SwissVisio

Swiss Visio Beau-Rivage, a centre of excellence for ophthalmology

The Swiss Visio Beau-Rivage ophthalmology centre is located in a unique medical environment and specialises in refractive surgery. The surgery is carried out on an outpatient basis and makes it possible to correct all types of vision defects, such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia.
Advantages of the surgery include:

  • Prompt and painless treatment
  • Quick recovery of eyesight
  • Treatment of both eyes at the same time

Guests at the Beau-Rivage Palace Hotel benefit from a preferential discount of 15% on all our treatments.

The Swiss Visio network: Swiss Visio is the reference network for ophthalmology and ophthalmic surgery of the Swiss Medical Network group. Currently it has a total of eight ophthalmology centres in French-speaking Switzerland: Genolier, Lausanne (Beau-Rivage, Montchoisi, Prélaz), Lutry, Neuchâtel, La Tour-de-Peilz and St-Imier. The medical excellence of our centres and internationally renowned specialists offers numerous benefits to our patients including prompt treatment, personalised aftercare and a trusting environment.