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Treat yourself to a Zen interlude in the cocoon of our splendid Cinq Mondes Spa. In the heart of these 1,500 m2 entirely dedicated to well-being, everything is done here to soothe the body and mind. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, cosy treatment rooms, hammam, sauna, Japanese bath... Our space between wood and water, surrounded by greenery, invites you to relax.

Whether you are alone, a couple or with friends, let yourself be tempted by our treatments and rituals from around the world, created using ancestral recipes all tinged with authenticity.
To fully enjoy this "Wellness Experience", Dimitra, naturopath at the Beau-Rivage, is available by appointment to help you regain your balance and energy.

The naturopathy

As a first approach to the new "Wellness Experience" philosophy of the Beau-Rivage Palace, the Cinq Mondes Spa offers consultations based on naturopathy, a natural health practice whose objective is to optimise the client's vital energy. The naturopath looks for the cause of any imbalances and proposes a new lifestyle that will re-harmonise the body. Whatever the state of health of the person, naturopathy helps to find a balance in all dimensions of his daily life.

Dimitra Kontoyannatos is a naturopath at the Beau-Rivage Palace and offers an introduction to naturopathy by working on three main areas: diet, physical exercise and mental and emotional management.

Would you like some personal advice?

Make an appointment with Dimitra
T. +41 21 613 33 67
E. d.kontoyannatos(at)brp.ch

Our offers

The Jacquier air bowl

This device is a scientifically recognised device that allows the most volatile parts of pine resin to be transformed into oxygen carriers. The Air Jacquier bowl brings a better assimilation of oxygen at the cellular level, it thus fights against oxidation and the development of many diseases. The ideal is to carry out short sessions of breathing in front of the device (from 2 to 15 min) regularly. The repetition of the sessions will allow a deep change and the arrival of a new balance, all the more effective if it is accompanied by a global treatment.

First oxygenation session with expertise - 95CHF
Presentation and discovery of the Jacquier air bowl, evaluation of your oxygenation capacity and first session in front of our light therapy device - as a gift your personalised herbal tea

One session only - 50 CHF
Offer 10 sessions - 350 CHF
Offer 50 sessions - 1400 CHF
Offer 100 sessions - 2000 CHF

Naturopathy session

Personalized natural health coaching

Includes :

  • A 2-hour holistic assessment with advice and a detailed programme: diet, movement, psycho-emotional management
  • An oxygenation session with the Bol d'Air Jacquier
  • 2 follow-up telephone sessions

This personalised support in natural health will enable you to find and keep a balance in your life that is conducive to achieving what is important to you. The advice given by our resident naturopath, Dimitra Kontoyannatos, is varied and personalised. For example: choice and combination of food, use of medicinal plants and other natural remedies, occasional help with specific supplements.

CHF 350.00

Naturopathy package

Natural health coaching

Includes :

  • A holistic assessment lasting 2 hours with advice and a detailed programme: diet, movement, psycho-emotional management
  • 2 sessions of personalised follow-up or treatment according to needs, lasting 1h30
  • An oxygenation session with the Bol d'Air Jacquier at each session




CHF 990.00