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CINQ MONDES offers a wide range of exceptional, authentic and ritual treatments inspired by the finest wellness traditions from around the world.

Soins bains corps
Bath rituals and body treatments

Our bath rituals and body treatments last 20 minutes and are the perfect preparation for a massage or a facial, providing total relaxation for body and soul.

Soins du visage
Face Treatment rituals

Our facial care massages perfectly combine beauty and relaxation and include a skin cleansing ritual and a customised skin assessment.

Soins et rituels - Siam
Bali and Siam ritual

In Bali and the Kingdom of Siam (ancient Thailand), women and men perfected a secular tradition of using infusions of tropical flowers and fruits to cleanse and restore the radiance of their skin. The “Lulur” and “Boreh” treatments give you a glowing complexion while awakening your senses with spicy aromas. The act of stretching and smoothing the skin – traditionally performed in this way in Southeast Asian regions – relaxes and softens the joints.

Soins et rituels - Beijing
Beijing ritual

Like the magnificent Chinese empress Wu Zetian, Cinq Mondes relies on natural ingredients with antioxidants and rejuvenating properties, as described in the ancient writings of “Pansa'o”. Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, the techniques used rely on energy flows stimulating body and soul. Just like in acupuncture, the key energy points are activated to spread a feeling of wellbeing throughout the entire body.

Soins et rituels - Kyoto
Kyoto ritual

In Japan, “Ko Bi Do” means “method of beauty”. Derived from shiatsu, these treatments help Japanese women to preserve their smooth skin and porcelain complexion. A true natural facelift, the “Ko Bi Do” treatment combines vital pressure point stimulation with a deep tissue massage. So as to appear eternally young, the women of the land of the rising sun prefer to use natural ingredients and plants such as shiso.

Soins et rituels - Orient
Oriental ritual

Popularised in the Near and Middle East, purification in the hammam is one of the oldest beauty rituals still practised today. The hammam has always been a place where women gathered to relax, chat and share their latest recipes for scrubs and wraps. Based on argan oil and olive oil, the preparations used in this treatment detoxify and nourish the skin.

Soins et rituels - Iles
Island ritual

Probably the most famous secret beauty of Tahiti, monoï is one of two thousand plants of the Polynesian pharmacopoeia, the so-called “Raau Tahiti”. It also includes noni or “universal remedy of the ancients”, which is said to have protective and restorative properties. Similar to the Hawaiian lomilomi massage, this sublime treatment releases energy blockages (both physical and emotional) thanks to the fluid and rhythmic movements performed by the massage therapist with hands, forearms and elbows.

Soins et rituels - Benglador
Bangalore ritual

Ayurveda is a method derived from traditional Indian medicine, developed roughly five thousand years ago. Ayurvedic treatments provide regenerative relaxation thanks to prana (a breathing technique) and the use of oils with beneficial properties that have been in use since time immemorial. Neem oil – derived from the nimtree, commonly known as the “village pharmacy tree” – is just one of many fantastic products used in this treatment. 

Soins et rituels - Bahia
Bahia ritual

In Brazil, a perfect body forms a sculptural silhouette. Firming care products and treatments are therefore most sought after in this part of the world. Mud baths and wraps and the active ingredients of coffee tone the skin. The lipolytic effect of caffeine visibly reduces adipose cellulite, which is why it is an integral ingredient in so many products. 

Soins mains et pieds
Hands & Feet treatments rituals

The Cinq Mondes beauty treatments for hands and feet regenerate, energise, relieve and primp those areas that express so much about the state of our body and soul. With or without nail varnish.

Sublime Bola Ritual

Dedicated to pregnant women from the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, this original massage is inspired by ancient chinese traditions. He helps loosen areas of tension to regain a relaxed and light body thanks to gentle smoothing and a specific massage with Bola.This ritual can be preceded by the Tahitian Monoï Sublime Scrub or completed by the Future Parent Workshop.