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Exhibition "Cartography”

2021-12-08 2022-01-31

"I have met them in the streets of Athens, motionless at the foot of the buildings. They lie on the pavement, waiting for their umpteenth departure. They no longer have the brightness or the uniform colour of their youth. Overheated by the burning sun, laminated by the salty wind, stung by the acid air, they have been gradually transformed by the assaults of urban life. On their metal skin a metamorphosis has taken place: the layers of paint have degraded unevenly, revealing strange shapes. Unpredictable patterns appear on their bonnets, drawing an unknown geography of which they seem to dream in silence. Here a shoreline, there a mountain or a new continent. So many imaginary lands that time has patiently engraved. At first glimpsed incidentally, then looked at with curiosity, I ended up actively searching for them. From our fleeting encounters, these images were born.”

Didier Jordan


Didier Jordan, photographer born in 1960, lives and works in Geneva.

In parallel to his commissioned work focused on architecture, he is developing a personal photography that explores urban space as well as universes of forms tending towards abstraction.

The work presented here was made in Athens in 2020 and first exhibited at the Séries Rares gallery in March 2021.


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Location: Lobby Lounge

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