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Anne-Sophie Pic

Pic: a name synonymous with the highest echelons of French gastronomy. Anne-Sophie is the third generation in her family to obtain the coveted Michelin Guide three stars. She is the only female chef in France to hold three stars.

Anne-Sophie Pic works in the family run restaurant in Valence and regularly visits Lausanne to meet her Swiss customers.She opened her restaurant in Lausanne in 2009. The restaurant gained quickly two stars in the Michelin Guide.

By opening a restaurant in Switzerland, Anne-Sophie Pic wanted to write a new chapter in her creative oeuvre, working closely with Swiss products and Swiss producers. Inspiration came naturally through the years, while out walking, in dreams, and encounters with local artisans, fishermen from Lake Leman and gourmets.

She has mandated the talented chef Kévin Vaubourg to execute her dishes.

Imprégnation absolue

The art of metamorphosis in harmony

"More than just a technical term, imprégnation is a concept that brings together several processes and formulations. It is closer to a philosophy, my philosophy of cooking in the broadest sense."

It allows the aromas of the products to enhance, it coats them with other aromas or flavors, by means of steeping, steaming, smoking or marinating. These processes create multiple layers of aromas, and miracles sometimes happen: the combination of two aromas, two herbs, brings out a third, made possible only through this fusion. This is the revelation of the kitchen. Imprégnation means the deep blending of the products so that we can learn about the rich possibilities of aromas and flavours.

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