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Fitness au Beau-Rivage Palace

Thanks to its privileged location, the Beau-Rivage Palace fitness centre offers you a playground like no other to take care of your body. Our bright fitness room, our intimate class room, our indoor and outdoor swimming pools, as well as our century-old park and the nearby lakefront are all available to you, for group sessions or totally personalised training sessions devised by our coach Jérémy JP Peltier and his team.


Coaching with Jérémy JP Peltier

The Jeremy Peltier method

Whether it's a question of staying in shape or improving one's sporting performance, the Beau Rivage Palace's fitness centre has relied since 2010 on an exclusive collaboration with Jeremy Peltier, through a method approved by clients.

The Jeremy Peltier method is a state of mind rather than a trademark. It is a way of life whose rules are defined from the outset by the client: depending on the situation, the coaching adapts to the daily life of each person, redefining the contours of his or her life in harmony with his or her current priorities. Everything is done organically so that you can work confidently every day and awaken the best version of yourself thanks to respectful support from a loyal team of passionate, committed and carefully trained coaches.

Personalized support in perfect harmony with the philosophy of the Beau-Rivage Palace.


The group courses

Because they are an excellent way to keep fit and motivated in a friendly atmosphere, our group classes offer Yoga or Body & Mind sessions at various times during the week.

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Hatha Yoga: Ha (sun) + Tha (moon) yoga, helps to purify our solar and lunar channels. It is a gentle and invigorating practice, as relaxing as it is invigorating, respectful of the body and the level of each individual.
Vinyasa Yoga: Follow the postures in sync with the breath while heating up your body. It is a great cardiovascular workout that helps develop strength and body awareness.
Vinyasa-ashtanga Yoga: Is a vigorous type of yoga that triggers sweating, purifying your body from the inside out. This allows you to experience a deep sense of calm, improved health and well-being.

All group classes last 1 hour
Free for resident clients
CHF 60 for non-resident clients

The team sports classes will be taught by the coaching team of Jérémy JP Peltier and the yoga classes by Inga, who are looking forward to welcoming you and giving you this new experience.

Reservations can be made at spa(at)

Les cours privés

Tailor-made for the pleasure of moving, getting away from it all or for intensive "sport-addicts" with your private sessions accompanied by the sports coaches of the Jérémy JP Peltier team.

Tennis: whether you want to have fun or work on your forehand and drop shots, two tennis courts are at your disposal every day in our park.

Paddle: accessible to all, stand-up paddling is the perfect sport to enjoy the fresh air, beautiful landscapes and above all, moments of pure relaxation alone or fun with your partner or family.

Coaching: a range of indoor and outdoor activities are available. Depending on your objectives, multi-disciplinary courses are designed for the duration of your stay and can also be accompanied by an exclusive Beau-Rivage Palace "Well-being" programme.

Reservations can be made at spa(at)