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The historic Suites at the Beau-Rivage Palace have been iconic for over 160 years!
These magnificent pied-à-terre, bathed in light, invite you to extend your stay on the shores of Lake Geneva and to take the time to enjoy each moment.
Their design has been carefully personalised, in keeping with their history and the high standards of service we offer.
The Beau-Rivage Palace likes to cultivate the spirit of an intimate and personal home with a fully preserved historical architectural heritage, while integrating high-performance technological services. 


The Riviera Suite

The elegant art of living

The ultimate elegance of this Suite is based on the timeless codes of a tasteful art of living that has made the reputation of the Beau-Rivage Palace since the end of the 19th century. Each pattern, each colour, finds its origin in the decor that runs through the windows, to be present everywhere on the lake side, on the park side. The high ceilings are beautiful and the blond parquet floor adds the final touch to a decoration that is perfectly in tune with the taste of our time. The bar, a majestic gilded cabinet, is enhanced by decorations inspired by Asian plant motifs. It is enthroned in the living room, superb. The tableware it contains is unique as each Suite has its own, like a signature.




The Art Déco Suite

A contemporary apartment reflecting the opulence and jazz-age chic of a century ago

The Art Deco Suite is a living space like no other. The Art Deco Suite overlooks the Beau-Rivage Palace site and enjoys a majestic calm. Located on the last floor of the Beau-Rivage wing, this Suite unfolds as you wish to and can be expanded to 232 m² and accommodate up to 10 guests. With an extraordinary lake view from every room, this sublime contemporary flat is a jewel.

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The Panoramic Suite

The Beau- Rivage Palace is a slice of hotel cinema

With its incredible rooftop terrace, the Panoramic Suite offers an exceptional view of Ouchy. We love to lounge in the sun or share a drink or a meal as the evening falls. The Panoramic Suite is a small paradise for those who love a unique and exceptional place.

The Panoramic Suite lives with its time and welcomes every year during the Rencontres du 7ème Art de Lausanne, the biggest international stars, always seduced by its contemporary volumes with the appearance of an unusual loft.

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The Malmaison Suite

The pinnacle of the Beau-Rivage Palace

It is a true haven of peace, with an incredible elegance. A sumptuous flat located in the heart of the Beau-Rivage Palace, the Malmaison Suite has a beautiful balcony with a stunning view of the Alps and Lake Geneva. Its location is ideal for business trips requiring privacy and calm.



The Royal Suite

The exquisite refinement of a residence on the shores of Lake Geneva

A reference to the world of Queen Marie-Antoinette, the tones of the Royal Suite evoke the subtle pinkish tones of dawn, when the sky and the lake merge majestically. The perspective from its pretty balcony is perfect, shooting down into Lake Geneva and into the heart of the Alps. An almost hypnotic viewpoint, the contemplation of such a landscape is a source of unequalled well-being and serenity.

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The Imperial Suite

The most beautiful view of Lausanne

Each piece of furniture and decoration in the Imperial Suite is unique and made by craftsmen. They have been meticulously crafted or restored in a museum-like fashion. The Imperial Suite has the largest terrace in the hotel. With a surface area of 120 m², this terrace, generously furnished with custom-made garden furniture, allows you to enjoy an unobstructed view of the park, the lake and the mountains. Richly decorated with giant bonsai trees and luxuriant vegetation, this private garden is unique and invites you, in fine weather, to share an unforgettable meal under the stars of Lausanne.

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